Providing Transmission Data Privacy

Data privacy protection is more critical than ever, especially with the amount of personal information being sent across transmission fibers from everyone to everywhere. Hackers and adversaries tap into fiber lines physically intercept, steal passing transmission data without detection. Apriori network system’s evolutionary solution is the world’s foremost physical optical fiber transmission data privacy assured protection.

Zero ADDED Latency

Complementary to traditional encryption, Apriori modules do not mix, touch, process, switch or modulate transmission signals at all. The Apriori privacy-assured fiber links are agnostic to wavelength and data rates, disabling any known physical hack, tap, intercept tech over the entire apriori-protected transmission span, assuring information is seen only by the sender and intended recipients.

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End the threat

No undetectable
Physical data theft

What is sent over apriori
stays in apriori!